Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going where no political wife has gone before

Welcome to the Political Wives Club.

Despite the name, it's not an exclusive club. In general, the Political Wives Club is actually pretty big when you take into account the number of elected officials there are out there. In fact, I was surprised that the name wasn't already taken. I suppose I could have called it The Political Spouses Club, since there are a significant number of elected officials who are women, and whose husbands play similar roles that political wives play. But, you know, it just wasn't quite as catchy. And with the 2008 election season in full swing, I couldn't think of a better time to open the club.

So, here's what you'll find here. Part meme, part inside peek (since life in public office is anything but private anyway) and part look at political spouses overall. Don't think for one second that the Political Wives Club is about gossip and dirty laundry...if you want that, turn on CNN or your local news. Of course, none of that stuff will be exempt from commentary here, I'm just not going to get that personal. If you happen to be a political, chime in and feel free to remain anonymous, I know I'm going to; and if you're just a casual observer, interested in the "life and times of," join in as well. In case you're wondering, the Political Wives club is non-partisan, so pachyderms and assess, treehuggers and weapon-wielders, and unaffiliated thinkers are all free to join the party. Let's whoop it up.

Hopefully at the very least, the Political Wives Club will entertain if not generate some interesting discussions. Whatever you do, please enjoy your visit to the Political Wives Club, be respectful here and don't make me twist my pearls so hard that I have to make another visit to my jeweler to have them restrung.

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