Friday, August 1, 2008

Political wives on the front lines

PW hasn't updated in a while because PW has been holding down the fort, while her husband is running his campaign. There has been a lot of news in the land of political wives from Michelle Obama becoming a BlogHer blogger to her recent interview on MomLogic. And yes, PW will get to these and other things later.

Some things however intrigue PW, because most of the political wives around the country aren't on the front pages, even if they are on the front lines. So when one responds to mudslinging at her husband in a thoughtful and provocative way, PW's ears perk up.

Read the attack:

The Conservative Media: Youtube ad shows why Brandana is the best candidate for the 22nd District

Now, read the response:

Brandana: A Discredit to Women in Politics

Signing off for now. And yes, my strand of pearls is still in tact.